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2nd Edition Cover of Scott Joplins Maple Leaf RagA musical genre characterised by is its syncopated or "ragged," rhythm.

Ragtime Guitarists

Only surviving photograph of Blind BlakeBlind Blake, one of the most famous Rag Time guitarists of the early 20th century


Blind Willie mcTellBlind Wilie McTell, an influential Piedmont and ragtime singer & guitarist


The Reverend Gary DavisThe Reverend Gary Davis, unique style played with only thumb and index finger

Travis Picking

Tab Example of Travis PickingThumb plays a steady bass pattern & fingers play syncopated rhythms between the bass notes.

Cannonball RagThis is one of Merle Travis' best known songs.

It is played in standard tuning in 4/4 time

The main difficulty with this is in getting the thumb working independently and there are lots of typical Merle Travis style roles and rhythm parts to get some real practice with your Travis picking.