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2nd Edition Cover of Scott Joplins Maple Leaf RagA musical genre characterised by is its syncopated or "ragged," rhythm.

Ragtime Guitarists

Only surviving photograph of Blind BlakeBlind Blake, one of the most famous Rag Time guitarists of the early 20th century


Blind Willie mcTellBlind Wilie McTell, an influential Piedmont and ragtime singer & guitarist


The Reverend Gary DavisThe Reverend Gary Davis, unique style played with only thumb and index finger

Travis Picking

Tab Example of Travis PickingThumb plays a steady bass pattern & fingers play syncopated rhythms between the bass notes.

My favourite guitar teacher

Mike Herberts Over The Shoulder VideoHaving figured out that I wanted to play ragtime guitar and figured out that using tablature software was going to be the most effective way to learn. I just needed to find someone with the same tastes in music.

After trawling around the internet looking for music to play I came across another offer, which like many I’d already seen before sounded to good to be true…”free guitar lessons”…"no cost"…"no strings attached"…"no music theory".

This didn't at first glance seem any different to any of the offers that I had seen before.

However, when I read this guys story of how he learned to play guitar, it really caught my interest…so I stuck my email address in and waited.

As promised the lessons started to arrive by email each week. Before very long I was hooked…here was someone who wasn’t just showing me how good a guitarist he was...he was showing me how he learned to play and was giving me the tools to learn myself…no frills…no theory…and I’ve been on hooked on this guy ever since.

I worked thought the free lessons pretty quickly and I’ve continued to learn from him and his teaching partner for the last two years. Although I am particularly interested in ragtime guitar I’ve also learned some cool blues stuff, some Robert Johnson blues, some classic Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Beatles…even some more modern stuff like Adel’s “Make you feel my love”.

You can make really quick progress through the free lessons but he also has plenty of more advanced stuff to learn. You do have to pay for the additional lessons but they are good value and good quality, combining both video and tablature files. 

This was the best move in learning to play the guitar I could have made and I’m sure if you register for his lessons you will feel the same way as me.

My favourite guitar

Mike Herberts - Online Guitar Teacher

Mike Herberts - the guy who gives away free guitar lessons