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2nd Edition Cover of Scott Joplins Maple Leaf RagA musical genre characterised by is its syncopated or "ragged," rhythm.

Ragtime Guitarists

Only surviving photograph of Blind BlakeBlind Blake, one of the most famous Rag Time guitarists of the early 20th century


Blind Willie mcTellBlind Wilie McTell, an influential Piedmont and ragtime singer & guitarist


The Reverend Gary DavisThe Reverend Gary Davis, unique style played with only thumb and index finger

Travis Picking

Tab Example of Travis PickingThumb plays a steady bass pattern & fingers play syncopated rhythms between the bass notes.

My favourite tablature editor

TablEdit Tablature SoftwareI have learned so many songs ove the years and then subsequently forgotten them, as I moved on and learned new songs. So I know from experience that I learn best when I “do” things and I “do” those things repetitively. So I need something that will help me learn in a repetitive way.

I also know I’m not really interested in anything more than basic music theory, I’m happy to know the basic chord formations and that’s it. I’m not interested in learning scales or ways to memorise all the notes on the fretboard. I have learned a bit theory but not really found it very useful. It is more likely that I haven't appreciated how to apply it.

I find videos, on how to play acoustic guitar, that discuss in a lot of detail the chords changes and structures hard to watch and often lose interest quickly. This is more my fault that the person making the video…I guess I just have very little patience.

If I could afford it I would have guitar lessons everyday from a proper guitar teacher…but I don’t have either the time or the money to invest. Despite the plethora of free guitar lessons, guitar books, and guitar videos…most of which turnout to be loss leaders trying to sell me something…I found I always go back to the same thing...using guitar tabs.

The problem I have with most of the websites promising guitar tabs for blues, ragtime or any guitar genre is that they tend to publish them in a format which isn’t playable. As I said previously I don’t have a musical ear and if I find a song in tab format which has been created in notepad or a guitar tablature in pdf format my greatest difficulty is in figuring out how it is supposed to sound.

When I started playing the banjo, the guy I was learning from was Ross Nickerson, who runs www.banjoteacher.com, and he used a piece of software called TablEdit. I have used this software since I started to learn the banjo 12 years ago. Ross also taught using videos lessons and audio lessons but the most useful tool and the one I still make more use of everyday is the TablEdit Tablature software.

This software allows me to hear the song, understand the rhythms in the tricky bits and easily figure out where my left hand fingers should go and what strings my right hand should be picking. It would have been almost impossible for me to figure out the songs I've learned by listening to them being played...TablEdit has speeded up the learning process to the point where I can learn to play songs in minutes rather than weeks.

Once I've learned a song it also helps me then embellish those the song and create my own arrangements and apply my own style.

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How I learned to play ragtime guitar